There are so many ways you can fundraise for us.  We have provided some ideas below:


An easy way to fundraise is to host a collection box.  We have a number of local businesses who prominently display our branded collection boxes.  Each box is securely sealed and their Customers simply drop a donation, their change or spare coins into the box. We can even claim Gift Aid on the total to increase these donations even more. Better still, we will come and collect the box when it is full and replace it with an empty one. What’s more, when the total is confirmed we send you a certificate of the total amount raised that you can proudly display to publicise everyone’s achievements.   Simple! If this is something you would be interested in – just let us know.


Sponsored events are very popular – walking, cycling, running, obstacle courses, mud run’s, swimming, even bungee jumps or parachute jumps for the more adventurous! We have even brave-hearted people had people doing the Boxing Day Dip for us. 

We are members of a number of online donation platforms which make fundraising much easier.  We have chosen these very carefully so large percentages of your donations are not lost to administrative fees. On-line platforms also save you having to collect in any sponsorship money after the event.  We can even set up a dedicated fundraising page for you and claim the Gift Aid.  This means we can claim back an extra 25% back from the government on every donation, without it costing you a penny more.  If this is something that would interest you, please get in touch.  We will be only too pleased to help.


Some easier and more popular ideas for you are:

  • Coffee mornings and Afternoon Teas
  • Cake bakes
  • Wine and cheese nights
  • Opening up your garden and charging entry
  • Quiz nights
  • Treasure hunts

We can even provide you with an official collection box for your event.     Above all enjoy yourself and have fun!


We are also members of a scheme called Charity Car.  Yes, you can even donate your old car to us rather than scrap it.  It is so easy.  All you do is contact Charity Car.  They will arrange for your car to be collected and the value will be donated to us.  It’s as simple as that!  If this is something you may be considering, please contact us to let us know.


You can even raise funds for us without actually having to do anything.  Give As You Live and Go Raise are online shopping portals.  If you do shop online, then this may appeal to you.  Both sites have agreements with thousands of well-known high street stores and retailers who will donate a percentage of your total shopping value to us.  All you need to do go to the portal, choose MATRIX Neurological as your chosen charity, then go and do your shopping.  We will then receive a free donation from the store – so it doesn’t cost you anything.  It’s a win/win and so easy!

Some important things to think about when fundraising:

i)     Keep yourself safe – before undertaking any activity that is physically demanding, we highly recommend that you find out the level of fitness required and, if necessary, check with your GP.

ii)    Please do not undertake door to door collections. People do not like strangers knocking on their doors asking for money.  You

iii) Street collections are rigorously monitored and you need to apply for a license from your local authority to undertake this type of activity. .


"There are problems with getting people into neuro-rehab. Those most in need are often those most excluded due to a lack of socio-economic resources."
Vicki Anderson; Australia
"We are medical practitioners. The real experts are the parents. Over the last 35 years they have taught me everything I know"
Lucia Braga; Brazil
"Parent-supported interventions after paediatric ABI bring reductions to the cost to society"
Eric Hermans; Netherlands
"We need to harness the power of brain plasticity for treating children and young people with brain injury, especially at the key ages of 0-3 and at ages 10-16"
Professor Bryan Kolb; Canada
"Participation in teen sports and normal activities leads to improved quality of life for children and young people post brain injury and helps to maximise outcomes"
Claire Willis; Australia
"Pediatric neuro-rehabilitation cannot be delivered in isolation. The needs of the child have to be looked at both holistically and within the context of the family unit. Parents need to be empowered to be parents in post-acute pediatric neuro-rehabilitation following brain injury"
The Children's Trust; United Kingdom
This is the best support plan we have ever seen that will deliver the best outcomes for this young person.  The costings are 'spot on' and realistic'.  Direct Payments Team.  
"Taking brain injured children home causes high stress for families. Disjointed services exacerbate family stress levels."
Deborah Andrews; New Zealand
"Case management for children and young people post acquired brain injury is 'pivotal' to successful outcomes and must be local"
Deborah Andrews; New Zealand
"Different 'experts' involved in paediatric neuro-rehabilitation come from different organisational cultures which causes conflict and has a negative effect on the outcomes for the child."
Barbara O'Connell; Ireland

OUR MISSION: To work to remove inequalities for children & young people affected by acquired brain injury; and provide effective support to their families that makes a real difference.

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